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I have a Matlab function which when runs, somehow, the 'visible' property of ALL the figures in matlab is turned off. For example, if I type


nothing happens....but if I type this


a blank figure is displyed normally. This situation remains till I restart Matlab. My question is, Is there a way to turn this'universal Visibility' back on????

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You can find here how to set default properties for figures and axes. Basically, the format is

set(0, 'default[some property here]');

to set session-wide default values. Note that you can get a list of some of the default parameters you can set with

get(0, 'default')
get(0, 'defaultfigure')
get(0, 'defaultaxes')

Note also that NOT all user-settable parameters are shown, and that such a list is actually pretty hard to find (I could not find it...)

Anyway, I suspect what you're after is

set(0, 'DefaultFigureVisible', 'on');
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