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How to use a variable in regexp expression (TCL/Expect)

I want help in passing varibles to a regexp.

Suppose my code is

set line "MPID:22 condition:AIS"
set id 22
if {[regexp {MPID:$id} $line]} {
puts "inside if"

This regexp doesn't work. If I change regexp to

{[regexp {MPID:22} $line]} 

it works.

Can someone provide a solution for this.

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Read chapters 5 through 7 of the Tcl tutorial to understand why your $id variable reference is not expanded. Reading the whole tutorial is advised. –  kostix Aug 31 '12 at 12:31

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Instead of {MPID:$id} you want to use "MPID:$id":

if {[regexp "MPID:$id" $line]} {
    puts "inside if"

The {...} are used by tcl to group parts of an expression together but prevent variable expansion.
If you want variable expansion you should use "..."

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