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I have the following theorem in Coq: Theorem T : exists x:A, P x. I want to be able to use this value in a subsequent proof. I.E. I want to say something like: "let o represent a value such that P o. I know that o exists by theorem T..."

How would I do this? Thanks in advance!

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Mathematically speaking, you need to apply an elimination rule for the ∃ constructor. The generic elimination tactic elim works.

elim T; intro o.

Silly example:

Parameter A : Prop.
Parameter P : A -> Prop.
Axiom T : exists x:A, P x.
Parameter G : Prop.
Axiom U : forall x:A, P x -> G.
Goal G.
elim T; intro o.
apply U.
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destruct and case will also work for this. –  Yves Nov 9 '12 at 8:36

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