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I am new to wordpress so please still help with me if I get the language wrong.

Using woocommerce to display a shop with variable products, I would like the shop link landing page to display the shop categories with the featured image of that category.

My current shop page displays all products, with a pagination to other product pages and I cannot find the template for all products.

When I go to shop page in wp-admin and click on the edit page it is empty, so am not sure how they are getting there in the frst place and I have looked at the HTML not just the visual editor.

Many Thanks Asa.

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It's easy, just go to 'WooCommerce -> Settings' link from side bar admin menu & select 'Catalog' tab & then tick 2 check boxes "Show subcategories on the shop page" & "When showing subcategories, hide product" -> click 'Save Changes' button at bottom. That's it! You are Done!

Now visit 'Shop' page you'll be able to see categories.

Hope this helps.

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