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I have the following Column in my gridview

<asp:BoundField ItemStyle-Font-Bold="true" 
            DataFormatString="£{0:C2}" DataField="PriceBasePrice"
            HeaderText="Price you pay" ItemStyle-Width="120" />

The value being passed to the Column is 180.0

I thought that with:


The Value would return as £180.00

but it returns as £180.0

Does anyone know what DataFormatString I should use ?

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You may need to set the HtmlEncode attribute to false preventing the value being cast to a string first.

Alternatively you could just specify you're own format string:


The # are empty until replaced with a value if one exists and the 0 are replaced with a value if one exists, otherwise they stay as 0.

Se Custom Numeric Format Strings - http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/0c899ak8.aspx

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If you remove the 2, it should, by default, display the number with 2 decimal values.


See here

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