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I'm a veteran of Asterisk 1.4 and am looking to build a new application on Asterisk 11 (which is currently beta, but is planned to be LTS release some time before I need it.)

I can't get Asterisk Manager Interface on 11 to send me any events. (Now, obviously, in production, I need to cut down these AMI rights drastically, but as I'm exploring I've opened the firehose, if you will.)

manager.conf looks like this:

enabled = yes
port = 5038
bindaddr =

secret = squirrel
deny =
permit =
read = all
write = all

I then use telnet to try to get in and explore the event stream:

$ telnet localhost 5038
Trying ::1...
telnet: connect to address ::1: Connection refused
Connected to localhost.
Escape character is '^]'.
Asterisk Call Manager/1.3
Action: Login
Username: manager
Secret: squirrel
Events: on

Response: Success
Message: Authentication accepted

Event: FullyBooted
Privilege: system,all
Status: Fully Booted

...and there it sits, not moving, no matter what I actually do with the system. I've also tried using the Event manager action with EventMask: on to try to get something out of it; the command is accepted, but nothing changes. It will happily respond to any other actions I send it, though.

Any leads? This sort of thing worked fine under 1.4, and I'm not finding anything in any documentation suggesting I'm doing something wrong. I suppose the next thing to try is 1.8...

(There is little else in /etc/asterisk; I'm using example configs only for reference. This is as minimal as we get...)

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I just tested this with the latest 11 from subversion using your configs. I see events being generated. For example, executing this from the CLI:

*CLI> channel originate Local/Foo application Bar

While invalid, will cause some events to be spit out to the manager interface.

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Wow, this is flat-out bizarre. As a last-ditch effort, I trimmed comments from confbridge.conf and did a service asterisk restart and suddenly the firehose is gushing, including with your example. I wonder what the heck was going on. Thanks! –  zigg Aug 31 '12 at 14:31

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