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I need to switch off certain some batch jobs when DAX has been restarted. How can I accomplish this?

Note from Author: This is most likely a X++ programming question and not configurable.

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Add your instructions in Application.startupPost():

if (new Session().clientKind() == ClientType::Server)
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I have not this myself, only in the context of ClientType::Client. –  Jan B. Kjeldsen Aug 6 '09 at 8:14
Another place could be SysStartupCmdBatchRun.infoRun() which is executed if you start your batch with a command line option -startcmd=Batch. –  Jan B. Kjeldsen Aug 6 '09 at 8:17
Thanks very much for this - I will give it a try. –  private Aug 7 '09 at 13:22

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