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I use afuse to automount other hosts to my local file system with sshfs. Like so:

afuse -o timeout=30 -o mount_template=sshfs -C %r:/ %m -o unmount_template=fusermount -u -z %m ~/remote/

This works great, but I would like to be able to autocomplete/TAB commands using my ~/remote directory. Zsh understandably thinks ~/remote is empty, since afuse is a magical virtual FUSE file system. Once I have typed the host manually the subdirectories work fine. E.g ~/remote/host/[TAB] works fine.

Most zsh compdef tutorials focus on building a custom completer for your custom command. That is not quite what I want.

I have been trying to use compdef to override the completion of that particular directory to my hosts file (using the built-in _hosts completion function), but as far as I understand, compdef works on a per-command-basis. I want my completer to work on all commands trying to do a normal file/directory-complete on that directory.

It feels like it is so basic, that it is a one-liner, if only I knew how. How can I do this?

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