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Hi I need to use REST web service but not getting how to start. Although I have checked different articles but there is no proper example which tells flow of REST SERVER and REST CLIENT. Is there any good example link which tells how a REST server will be created with php and how this web service will be called with which technique. I need web service to show customers and then update customers using web service as well. I need to create my own web service for my application so I need to create both Rest server and Rest client.

Thanks Crinch

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REST isn't a technology, it's a style of software architecture

If you want some concrete examples and a simple framework to get started, try cherrypy, which is a minimal web framework written in python.

This should get you started with a web server that can help you adhere to REST design principles.

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i need to work on REST with php –  crinch Aug 31 '12 at 13:00
Why PHP? It works in any language that has the ability to communicate. It's a style, you can't make something work on REST. REST is more conceptual than what you imagine it to be, read the cherrypy link and all the other pages about it on the web until it makes more sense to you. –  Aesthete Aug 31 '12 at 13:03
I am sorry if I am not getting understand, I checked link for CHERRYPY but could not get understand. Actually I have a site developed in plain php, where students records exists, so I want to create a web service which will return these students against course id. I have already created a web service using nuSOAP(SOAP CLIENT and SOAP SERVER). So I have a same concept of REST(REST CLIENT and REST SERVER). I am not sure how REST service is created in php and call how to call REST web service. Also tell me where I am wrong regarding my understanding of REST, I really don't mind it. Thanks CRINCH –  crinch Aug 31 '12 at 13:48

You Can Try PHP REST Data services https://github.com/chaturadilan/PHP-Data-Services

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