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I am trying to get all posts near specific location. I post some statuces and photos on my FB page with location. In Graph API Explorer I run this query:

SELECT id, coords, type, page_id, timestamp FROM location_post WHERE author_uid = me()

and it results in right way, but when I add:

SELECT id, coords, type, page_id, timestamp FROM location_post WHERE author_uid = me() AND distance(latitude, longitude, '47', '122') < 10000

then all results cleared.

I tried to get distance in query and it results in nice numbers like 33 or 454. So why distance function in WHERE section results in nothing?

Also request from example:

SELECT id, page_id
FROM location_post
WHERE distance(latitude, longitude, '37.86564', '-122.25061') < 10000

does't show anything.

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For the example query, Your lat/long is reported somewhere outside of Oakland, CA. To return data you need one of the following:

  • If you requested user_location permission in your access token, you need to have made or been tagged in a post made within 10km (~6.25 mi) of this point.
  • If you requested friends_location permission in your access token, a friend of yours needs to have made this post.
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Yep, I've found out that I can't see people other than my friends. But you missed '-' near 122, it's -122 degrees. And I still can't make distance function() work. – tereks Sep 4 '12 at 12:19
Yes. The distance() function and the whole location table don't work well at all. – cpilko Sep 4 '12 at 13:29

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