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I made an template in HTML and now i am putting it in as an wordpress template. But in my .js file i got this:

    $('.tab_home').find('img').attr('src', '/images/home.png');

This is part of an click function and changes the image when i click on something. And it works fine in HTML but when i want to put this is in wordpress it is broken because the src url is wrong ofcourse. Now i did find this thread: wordpress path url in js script file and this would be part of my solution except that i can't put "+templateUrl+"in my .attr('src', '/images/home.png')Cause then i get an link like:

<img alt="" src=""+templateUrl+"/images/home.png">

Does some1 know what im doing wrong here, and how to fix it?

Thanks in forward.

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You must do it as follows:

$('.tab_home').find('img').attr('src', templateUrl + '/images/home.png');

And don't forget to set templateUrl in the header of the template, as described in post you're referring to:

<script type="text/javascript">
var templateUrl = '<?= get_bloginfo("template_url"); ?>';
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Ow my ... Your totaly right, thanks alot. (I had the templateUrl right btw, just the syntax in my js file wrong.) –  Augus Aug 31 '12 at 13:15

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