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I'm developing an Android 3.1 application that uses fragments.

On one of those fragments a need to create n buttons and set an onClick event handler for each of them.

To do it I want to create a method on FragmentActivity that handles those events but I don't know how. Note: FragmentActivity is a android.support.v4.app.FragmentActivity that manages all fragments using android.support.v4.view.ViewPager.

On another fragment I have the following XMLcode:

        android:onClick="onTakePhotoClick" />

And this code on FragmentActivity:

public void onTakePhotoClick(View view)
    Log.v("FillEReportFragmentActivity", "onTakeFactoryPhotoClick");
    int imgType, imgSubType;

    switch (view.getId())
        case R.id.btnTakeFactoryPhotos:
            imgType = ImageType.EREPORT;
            imgSubType = SubImageType.EREPORT_FACTORY_OUTLOOK;
        case R.id.btnTakeArticlePhotos:
            imgType = ImageType.ARTICLE;
            imgSubType = SubImageType.NONSET;
            imgType = -1;
            imgSubType = -1;

    Intent intent = new Intent(FillEReportFragmentActivity.this, CameraActivity.class);
    intent.putExtra(BundleKeys.tablePk, eReportId);
    intent.putExtra(BundleKeys.imgType, imgType);
    intent.putExtra(BundleKeys.imgSubType, imgSubType);

    startActivityForResult(intent, CAMERA_REQUEST_CODE);

I want to do the same with these n buttons: create a method on FragmentActivity to handle all onClick events.

I see that if I want to handle onClick event on a button created programmatically I need to implement onClickEventListener.

How can I handle those onClick events on FragmentActivity? or is there a better approach?

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You should make your FragmentActivity implement View.OnClickListener.

Then in your Fragment in the onActivityCreated() callback you can do the following :


You could also define your own interface and make your Activity implement that interface and the same in onActivityCreated(), and let the Fragment implement OnClickListener and then call your Activity like this :

public MyFragment extends Fragment implements OnClickListener(){
      public MyInterface mInterface;

      protected void onActiviyCreated(){

      public void onViewCreated(View view, Bundle savedInstanceState){
      public void onClick(View v){
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