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I am using dgrid for displaying data in grid format , it has four columns. all are editable

I have used following way to declare it.

<table id="grid" data-dojo-type="dgrid.CustomGrid"
data-dojo-props="store: memoryStore">
        <th data-dgrid-column="dgrid.editor({ field: 'id' }, dijit.form.TextBox,'click')">ID</th>
        <th data-dgrid-column="dgrid.editor({ field: 'name' },dijit.form.TextBox,'click')">Name</th>
        <th data-dgrid-column="dgrid.editor({ field: 'description' },dijit.form.TextBox,'click')">Description</th>

My Problem is , when I will edit first column , after editing it should set focus on second column and show cursor in that cell so I can start editing second one ; same is for third column.

I am very much new to dojo and dgrid. I found some APIs on sitepen but couldn't solve my problem

Please help me on this

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There is dgrid/Grid::edit(cell) method to start with.

I used dojo/aspect::after to add an event listener to an editor widget (e.g. dijit/form/TextBox), if it does not exist, to listen keypress event for a specific key, in my case TAB, and then call grid.edit(cell) with the cell that should be edited next.

See a working example at jsFiddle:

It is far from finished, but at least it can provide a possible directon. Use double click to edit and press TAB when editing to jump to the following cell.

aspect.after(grid, "edit", function(promise, cellNode) {

    if(promise === null) return;

    promise.then(function(widget) {
        if (!widget._editorKeypressHandle) {
            widget._editorKeypressHandle = widget.on("keypress", function(e) {

                for (var rowId in grid.selection) { break;}            
                for (var columnId in grid.selection[rowId]) { break;}

                if(e.charOrCode == keys.TAB) {
                    var cellEdited = grid.cell(rowId, columnId);
                    var cellToEdit = grid.right(cellEdited, 1);

                    if( ==
                       && ==
                      ) {
                          // go to next line
                          for(var firstColumnId in grid.columns) { break;}
                          var nextRow = grid.down(cellEdited.row, 1);
                          cellToEdit = grid.cell(nextRow, firstColumnId);

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Thanks, it worked. –  user1597376 Sep 5 '12 at 17:03
I know it is bit late reply but I tested your solution on IE few days ago, it was not working. I tried to look into issue and there are some errors for grid.right function. any clues about it? –  user1597376 Sep 10 '12 at 14:27

Here's another option. Also included a workaround the text selection bug in older version of dgrid.

postCreate: function() {
    var that = this;

    // FIXME Workaround bug in dgrid that causes the grid to lose
    // focus after each save.
    this.on('dgrid-datachange', function(evt) {
        that._selectedCell = that.cell(evt);

    aspect.after(this, 'save', function(dfd) {
        dfd.then(function() {
        var nextCell = that.right(that.cell(,;
        // FIXME Workaround dgrid bug that blocks field text to be selected on focus.
        nextCell.element.widget && nextCell.element.widget.textbox &&;
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