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I am still a little new to CakePHP but I do know have a good basic understanding of how it works, however a i have found something that i just can't seem to find a answer for.

I have been searching everywhere for one but I still at a lost.

Where does CakePHP get its data from when you call $content_for_layout.

I have take over a project from someone else and its be set on a number of pages but I can't seem to find anything within the app folder. I have search all the controllers, the only place i have found it was when its echoed on the screen within the view files them self's.

Please Help

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$content_for_layout is populated from the specific view file of the current controller/action. Look in the app/views folder (app/View for CakePHP 2) and you will see a list of folders that relate directly to the controllers, then inside each of them a bunch of .ctp files which relate to the controller action.

The default URL structure is /controller/action/params Here are a few examples:

URL: /products/view/12
View file: `app/views/products/view.ctp`

URL: /users/index
View file: `app/views/users/index.ctp`

Sometimes there is a prefix (for admin areas and such, this goes at the start of the URL like so:
URL: /admin/products/edit/12
View file: `app/views/products/admin_edit.ctp`

Hope this helps. Your URL structure may have been altered by routes, in which case dive in to config/routes.php to get an idea of what controller/action are being called and therefore what view files are. Read the MVC sections of the book if you're having any more problems with CakePHP (just be sure to use the right version).

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Yes I did know that, but i still don't understand, how can something (content_for_layout) be populated by a view file, when its being displayed in a view file. There is no controller for the view file I am in anyway, its just a view that loads based on user agent. A new view file loads when it sees iphone uses but the controllers that deal with that dont have any content_for_layout listed within them. – Glenn Curtis Aug 31 '12 at 14:48
ok what you're looking at is a layout, $content_for_layout is populated by the view file somewhere the CakePHP core, you shouldn't need to worry about what goes on in the core though. – Dunhamzzz Aug 31 '12 at 14:52
Yes, I understand that! But I don't get this setup, I can not find anything within the app itself about where hes defined content_for_layout and yet if u don't print it, the pictures it holds, do not display! – Glenn Curtis Aug 31 '12 at 14:57 $content_for_layout is set in the core View class, in addition to other places. Cake renders a view, then renders the layout with the view output in place of where $content_for_layout is. – Ross Aug 31 '12 at 15:36

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