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When I use the same request in mySQL Workbench, the count of results is 41100. In my script, the count is 1015. I have no error in my code (I use die for see it). What is the cause of this difference?

# Create the statement 
# select all id in table contacts
$statement = "select distinct from $database.contacts"; 

# Prepare and execute the SQL query 
$sqlQuery = $connectGrc->prepare($statement)

# Execute the statement 

# Make id in array
while($oneId = $sqlQuery->fetchrow_array())
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There's nothing obviously wrong (except for the lack of error checking and that your comments are not program comments). Try connecting with RaiseError on, 'use strict;', and see if there are problems which you otherwise might not see. Also, if all you want is a one-column array of results, and can settle for an array reference, consider selectcol_arrayref() for convenience.

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There's nothing obviously wrong? It doesn't even compile! Who knows what his actual code looks like. – ikegami Aug 31 '12 at 15:54

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