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I have an order page where the customer needs to only be able to order from 1 up to the number in stock.

        rules: {
            quantity: { required: true, range: [1, $('.size_max').val()] }

Even though there is a hidden field with the id "size_max" and a value of 5, this returns

Please enter a value between 1 and NaN

when any number is put in the quantity field.

How can I set the upper bound of the range dynamically?

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Set the value as a variable first and console.log() that value. What do you get? –  James South Aug 31 '12 at 15:49

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You've mentioned that you have a hidden field with an id, but you are using a class selector in your code. Try changing $('.size_max') to $('#size_max') in your code.

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Good spot. Missed that! –  James South Aug 31 '12 at 15:50

If your hidden field has an ID of size_max as you indicate, then your selector should be : $('#size_max'), note the selector you are using selects elements with a class of size_max

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I believe it might be that it is looking strictly for Integers, and that .val() returns a -typeof- string

Try doing a parseInt( $('#size_max').val() );

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