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Hello I get the following messages at my site

Fatal error: Call to a member function getPermissionKeyByHandle() on a non-object in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 53

The PHP code is:

    defined('C5_EXECUTE') or die("Access Denied.");
    class Concrete5_Model_PermissionResponse {

protected $object;
protected $allowedPermissions = array();
protected $customClassObjects = array();
protected $category;
static $cache = array();

public function setPermissionObject($object) { 
    $this->object = $object;
public function getPermissionObject() {
    return $this->object;
public function setPermissionCategoryObject($category) {
    $this->category = $category;

public function testForErrors() { }

public static function getResponse($object) {
    $r = PermissionCache::getResponse($object);
    if (is_object($r)) {
        return $r;

    $category = PermissionKeyCategory::getByHandle(Loader::helper('text')-        >uncamelcase(get_class($object)));
    if (!is_object($category) && $object instanceof Page) {
        $category = PermissionKeyCategory::getByHandle('page');
    $txt = Loader::helper('text');
    $c1 = get_class($object) . 'PermissionResponse';
    if (!class_exists($c1)) {
        $c1 = 'PagePermissionResponse';
    $pr = new $c1();

    PermissionCache::addResponse($object, $pr);

    return $pr;

public function validate($permission, $args = array()) {
    $u = new User();
    if ($u->isSuperUser()) {
        return true;

    $pk = $this->category->getPermissionKeyByHandle($permission);
    if (!$pk) {
        print t('Unable to get permission key for %s', $permission);
    return call_user_func_array(array($pk, 'validate'), $args);

public function __call($f, $a) {
    $permission = substr($f, 3);
    $permission = Loader::helper('text')->uncamelcase($permission);
    return $this->validate($permission, $a);


Does anybody knows what the problem is?

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I had a similar issue on an incomplete 5.6.0 upgrade.

Concrete 5 has a core upgrade troubleshooting guide

For me, I just had to do this on my site: and use the upgrade button.

FYI, this added entries to PermissionKeyCategories and other tables (which existed, but were empty).

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