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I have an image link that when i click it i want to do some changes in some class variables and then redirect to other page and use those values.

Here is my code, im using StatefulSnippet

class MySnippet extends StatefulSnippet {

  var selectedStudent: Student=null

  def students =
    ".tabla" #> studentsList.map { s =>
      "#id" #> s.Id &
      "#name" #> s.Name & 
      "#surname" #> s.Surname &
      "#buttonAcademic [src]" #> tickUrl &
      ".clickableAcademic [onclick]" #> SHtml.onEvent(onClickCallbackAcademic(s))

  def onClickCallbackAcademic(student: Student,xhtml:NodeSeq)(s: String): JsCmd = {
    //makes some stuff to student
    selectedStudent = student


But when I redirect to the other page, my var selectedStudent is null, i tried debugging and selectedStudent has the correct value but when redirecting it turns null. Any ideas?

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StatefulSnippet using HTML form and hidden parameter to pass information (which snippet instance should be used) to server side of Lift.

So a JS redirect will not work, because it will not pass those information.

Here are some solution comes in my mind that may work in this case:

  • Wrapping a form outside of and submit it by JS in your onClickCallbackAcademic.

  • Instead of using StatefulSnippet, use SessionVar to store your selectedStudent, so you could use it without form submit.

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