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In ruby I can do my_ar_collection.sort_by{ |element|} in my controller.

I want to have an ActiveRecord class method that does that.

Right now I have:

def self.ordered

But I want to add .downcase to it. I've tried a number of ways, such as using sort_by and using order :field.downcase but with no luck

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Did you try order(lower(name)) um... I can't recall the syntax now; that might only work for a default_order. You could do it as a where, certainly. Oh, you did that. – Dave Newton Aug 31 '12 at 16:06
Hi Dave, thanks (+1), I posted an answer but this approach is database specific, i.e. the "lower" function. Although lower() does actually work in all major SQL implementations I would prefer a 'ruby/rails' approach that is database agnostic and which would allow me to do more complicated expressions the way I can with sort_by – Michael Durrant Aug 31 '12 at 16:09

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This code works:

Use order("lower(name)")

but is not ideal as it used a sql function not a ruby function so is database independent - that said - lower() does exist in most sql implementations, including mySQL, Postgres, sqlserver and Oracle. But for this and other, similar operations I would prefer to use a Ruby approach.

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