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I have a list of dataframes. Is there a way of finding the index of the dataframe which contains a specific rowname?

For example, say I had

          data.frame(c(1,1),c(1,1),row.names = c('row1','row2')),
          data.frame(c(1,1),c(1,1),row.names = c('row3','row4'))

And I wanted to find where row3 was, the query would return 2 as it is in the second dataframe in my list.

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One way:

sapply(mylist, function(x)"row3" %in% rownames(x))

Or a variation on the same theme, which returns NA if the rowname can't be found, and the row number if it can:

sapply(mylist, function(x)match("row3", rownames(x)))
[1] NA  1
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Thanks, and to get the number of the dataframe in the list I did which(sapply(mylist, function(x)"row3" %in% rownames(x))) –  user1165199 Aug 31 '12 at 16:18


> lapply(lapply(mylist,rownames),function(x){any(grepl('row3',x))})

[1] TRUE

#> seq_along(mylist)[sapply(lapply(mylist,rownames),function(x){any(grepl('row3',x))})]
#[1] 2
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There is no need for iterating over the rownames if you use %in%, see Andrie's answer. –  Paul Hiemstra Sep 1 '12 at 10:06

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