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It sounds like this topic has been beaten to death; but when you set up a provisioning profile for deployment to test devices, an arbitrarily generated UUID will not suffice, you need the actual UDID to include in the provisioning profile. Sure, you could give users a set of instructions to go through to get the ID, and e-mail it to you - but it is much more customer-friendly and avoiding stupid mistakes to get it yourself in code - previously via uniqueIdentifier method.

So other than creating an ad-hoc UUID, has anyone come up with a good replacement that would work in iOS6, or has Apple provided some method of doing this? I haven't been able to find it in the docs.

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If what you are trying to do is gather UUIDS for provisioning profile:

I use TestFlight to gather my testers UUIDs. All the user needs to do is sign up using their mobile device. Then I can see their UUID and update the provisioning profile. Once they have access to the build they will receive an email showing them where to download it.

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Actually, what prompted me to ask this question, was that TestFlight code that obtains UDID came up with a warning in XCode that it is deprecated. So once Apple removes it from the API, I don't think TestFlight will be able to gather it for me. What then? – Jay Imerman Oct 3 '12 at 17:34

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