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I' learning the Opa (opalang.org). I am trying to find out how one can determine the type of a variable. This could be e.g. a function

typeof a // in javascript, this returns the type of a

The API-Documentation contains a description of OpaValue.typeof(a) but I can't find out how to use it.

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Here is a short example :

int hello = 42
hello_type = OpaValue.typeof(hello)
Log.info("Hello type:", "{hello_type}")

However i am surprised you want to manipulate Opa types. What is your usage ?

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I use to fiddle around with a language which is new to me and sometimes it is useful to know the type of some thing. In this case I had the line match (HttpRequest.get_method()) { case {some: method}: etc (from doc.opalang.org/manual/Hello--web-services) and wanted to find out what some: method means. (especially the some:) –  JanD Aug 31 '12 at 19:32
@JanD, {some: method} is Opa's syntax for pattern that matches record with one field called some and binds the value associated that field to variable called method. For instance: match ({some: 1}) { case {some: x}: x } should evaluate to 1. Hopefully the example is OK syntactically. –  Artyom Shalkhakov Sep 5 '12 at 3:33

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