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I will dive straight in with my tabels and it is quickly obvious my question

Table 1:

Owner    ownerID    Name    Address    userID
Name        1       Tim    "top road"    1   

Table 2:

User      userID    userName    password    secretQA1    secretQA2
            1        BigTim       pwhat         7           8

Table 3:

secretQA  id    question       answer
          7     "Mums name"     "Tony"
          8     "Fav sport"     "dressing up"

Anyway what I want to do is I know the ownerID is 1 and I want to give the owner all his information! So what I had been doing is something like this:

SELECT secretQA.question AS Question1, secretQA.answer AS Answer1,
secretQA.question AS Question2, secretQA.answer AS Answer2,
User.password AS Password
FROM secretQA, owner, User
WHERE owner.id = 1
AND SecretQA.id = owner.secretQA1
AND SecretQA.id = owner.secretQA2
AND user.id = owner.userID; 

But to no avail!

This is what I want to obtain:

Question1    Answer1    Question2    Answer2        Password
"Mums name"   "Tony"    "Fav sport"  "dressing up"  pwhat  

Cheers for all future help

EDIT: Password is just an example here and would not be plain text in my real version this is just a simplified question of what I am doing

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Do you know, in advance, how many secret questions there are? –  Brian Hoover Aug 31 '12 at 16:33
Are you storing your password in plaintext? These tables are not normalized. It is also better practice to move away from implicit table joins. –  Kermit Aug 31 '12 at 16:33
WHERE owner.id = 1 should be WHERE owner.OwnerID = 1, as the former isn't a valid field name. –  Angry Spartan Aug 31 '12 at 16:39
Thier would be two secret questions –  bubblebath Aug 31 '12 at 17:06

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To get what you want you have to join twice to the SecretQA table. This is an example of why it's better to use explicit join syntax.

This should work

     SELECT q1.question AS Question1, 
            q1.answer AS Answer1,
            q2.question AS Question2,
            q2.answer AS Answer2,
            u.password AS Password
       FROM User u
       JOIN owner o ON u.id = o.userID
  LEFT JOIN secretQA q1 on o.secretQA1 = q1.id
  LEFT JOIN secretQA q2 on o.secretQA2 = q2.id
      WHERE owner.id = 1

Notice that your secretQA table has to participate twice in the join. I've given it the aliases q1 and q2 to make this work.

Oh, and like others have said, if you're storing passwords as plain text, tee hee. The intertubz will pwn u, srsly.

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I was adding password to add to it. In actaullity it will be different –  bubblebath Aug 31 '12 at 17:04

In Table2, eliminate the 'secret1' and 'secret2' columns. In Table3, add a new column 'userID'.

After that, you should be able to do something like

select u.username, u.password, s.question, s.answer
from table1 as o join table2 as u on o.userid = u.userid
join table3 as s on s.userid = o.userid
where o.ownerid = 1

Also, as others have noted, storing passwords as plain text is not a good idea.

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Try this

 SELECT q1.question, q1.answer, q2.question, q2.answer, u.password
   FROM user u
   JOIN secretqa q1 ON u.secretQA1 = q1.id
   JOIN secretqa q2 ON u.secretQA2 = q2.id
  WHERE u.id = ?
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