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I am using Matlab code for that.

But when I run it, It shows errors.

Code :

set(gca,'xlim',[-80 80],'ylim',[-80 80],'NextPlot','replace','Visible','off');
mov = avifile('movie.avi','compression','cinepak');
for k=1:1000
F = getframe(gca);
mov = addframe(mov,F);
mov = close(mov);

Errors :

??? Error using ==> capturescreen
Figure destroyed during getframe

Error in ==> getframe at 35

Error in ==> a at 9
F = getframe(gca);

Please help me with this.

Thank you.

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Works fine here, although I had to change compression to 'None' since RLE and MSVC won't won't work with the truecolor image I was using and indeo/cinepak wouldn't work with x64. (Not either version of indeo, oddly)

My guess was that you needed a drawnow after your imshow command to clear the buffer so you have an image to copy. I produced a different error the first time I ran it, which seemed to confirm that, but I couldn't reproduce that one. It definitely works with the drawnow; in.

Update: For anyone running win7 x64, you should be able to use 'i420' as your codec. Using that the above code works fine for me either with drawnow in after imshow or not.

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