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In my ruby on rails app, I am trying to allow a user to change a field on the screen and as a result, update the database.

A user is promoted with the following screen:

<td id="sb_user-<%=server.id%>" ondblclick="changeUser(<%= server.id %>);"><%= server.sb_user %></td>

enter image description here

When they double click on the sb_user field, a javascript function is called and changes the field to a textbox with a simple go button:

    <script type="text/javascript">
        function changeUser(id) {
            //Stop the auto refresh until user hits enter
            $("#sb_user-"+id).html("<form name='user'><div class='input-append'><input name='user_input' class='span1' id='appendedInputButton' size='16' type='text'/><button class='btn' type='button'>Go!</button></form></div>"); 

enter image description here

When a user enters text into the textbox and clicks go, I need it so that the database field server.sb_user is updated to whatever the user entered in that field.

Anyone have suggestions on how to do this?

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What you are searching for is in place editing. Theres a railscast for that:


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Thanks! It worked :) –  Rahul Aug 31 '12 at 18:00

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