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I have been trying to change the background image of the wordpress theme but i am unable to change it.

I tried:

body {
background : url('images/squad.jpg');

I placed this code under design-settings in custom css styles. But i do not see any changes

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in wordperss stylesheet file, search for body and html selectors and check if any background applied to them. in html selector add this property:

backbround: #fff url(imagePath) no-repaet top left;

you can change #fff to the color that is more related to your background image. it's not necessary, but it's best practice. if your background image is a pattern and you want it to be repeated, change no-repeat to repeat this should work.

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i am already using the theme simple catch... will it affect? –  lakesh Aug 31 '12 at 18:24
@lakesh there is no ordinary reason for it to not work! and consider Harresh's answer.. you may are addressing the image incorrectly –  NOjAN Aug 31 '12 at 20:04

Is your css file is in separate folder?

try this

body {background : url('../images/squad.jpg');}
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