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I have a resque job that is supposed to call a third-party API. I want this perform method to retry at least 3 times. If it still does not go through on the third try, I want it to send an e-mail to me saying that something went wrong and the API could not be called.

Is there a way to do this using resque-retry

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You could use custom retry criteria to check how many times resque-retry has retried for you and do something different if the number is too large. Something like this:

class APIWorker
  extend Resque::Plugins::Retry
  @queue = :api_worker_queue

  retry_criteria_check do |exception, *args|
    if retry_attempt > 3

      false # don't retry anymore
      true # continue retrying

  def self.perform(job_id)
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need's to add @retry_exceptions = [] before the retry_criteria_check de

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