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I have a system that uses CVS. Build takes a long time, partially because "CVS update" takes a long time. There are several folders that contain a lot of files that change rarely, if ever. I would like to have "CVS update" ignore those folders (i.e. not even look at them). I have tried .cvsignore and the -I options but they do not do what I want.

Any suggestions?

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This answer comes with a caveat. You really are not "supposed" to do stuff like this.

mv folder_to_ignore/CVS folder_to_ignore/CVS_ignored

This will not work for cvs update -d since this operation tricks CVS into thinking you have a partial checkout and since cvs update -d tries to checkout missing stuff.

To restore the folder to CVS control, rename:


back to:

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I have to do cvs update -d. It would be too tricky not to do that. But thanks for your help anyway. –  Ilir Deda Aug 31 '12 at 20:29

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