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I've been tasked with creating a server monitor that tests the system at standard intervals, and if it's beyond a certain level, the program will send an email to the user. Along with sending an email, it will also create a file that will show the load averages every 60 seconds. I can't seem to get the loop to write to a new line every time, it just keeps over-writing the first line, over and over. What am I missing?

require 'fileutils'

def LoadAvg()
  return `cat /proc/loadavg | awk '{print $1" "$2" "$3}'`

def Timer()
  servername = `uname -n`.strip
  t =
  taber = t.strftime("%m-%d-%Y-%T")
  filename = "#{servername}_Systemcheck_#{taber}.txt"

while(true), 'w') { |x|
    x.puts "#{t.strftime("%I:%M:%S %p")} - #{LoadAvg()}"
    puts LoadAvg()

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if you want to APPEND to the file use a instead of w.

unrelated: use Monit, God or Bluepill!

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Ah, it all makes sense now! Thank you very much. – SecurityGate Aug 31 '12 at 22:04

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