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Here is the case: I want to find the elements which match the regex...

targetText = "SomeT1extSomeT2extSomeT3extSomeT4extSomeT5extSomeT6ext"

and I use the regex in javascript like this

reg = new RegExp(/e(.*?)e/g);   
var result = reg.exec(targetText);

and I only get the first one, but not the follow.... I can get the T1 only, but not T2, T3 ... ...

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Can anyone suggest a for loop way to do it? –  Ted Wong Aug 3 '09 at 12:34

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reg = new RegExp(/e(.*?)e/g);   
var result;
while((result = reg.exec(targetText)) !== null) {
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Instead of using new RegExp and then plugging in a regexp, just do reg = /e(.*>)e/g; Using the new operator is redundant unless you're feeding it a string. Also make sure you flag this with the global flag (/g) or you can end up in an infinite loop. –  Frug Apr 10 at 21:07

Try using match() on the string instead of exec(), though you could loop with exec as well. Match should give you the all the matches at one go. I think you can omit the global specifier as well.

reg = new RegExp(/e(.*?)e/);   
var matches = targetText.match(reg);
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Don't link to w3schools. They are unaffiliated with W3C and have a lot of wrong information. See w3fools.com. –  secrettriangle Jun 24 '12 at 5:21
@MindVirus - if you'd bother to check, they've cleaned up a lot of the stuff that w3fools.com pointed out. I still use them as a quick, though not definitive, resource. Much like one might use a cheat sheet over K&R C to look up something simple. –  tvanfosson Jun 24 '12 at 13:34
Feel free to use w3schools, as long as you know that they have a track record of being wrong. Whenever I need a quick or definitive HTML/CSS/JS resource, I use MDN. I'm sure you'll see why. –  secrettriangle Jun 25 '12 at 18:52
As an intermediate dev, I've already encountered a good half dozen clear errors at w3schools. They're off my party list. –  Mark McKenna Jul 18 '13 at 0:17
targetText = "SomeT1extSomeT2extSomeT3extSomeT4extSomeT5extSomeT6ext"    
reg = new RegExp(/e(.*?)e/g);   
var result;
while (result = reg.exec(targetText))
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