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I need to put data in a file since my other function takes a file as input.

How do I create a unique filename in Erlang?

Does something like unix "tempfile" exist?

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Do you mean just generate the acutal filename? In that case the safest way would be to use a mix of the numbers you get from now() and the hostname of your computer (if you have several nodes doing the same thing).

Something like:

1> {A,B,C}=now().
2> N=node().
3> lists:flatten(io_lib:format("~p-~p.~p.~p",[N,A,B,C])).
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Since not everyone is aware of that: calls to erlang:now() are guaranteed to return unique results each time. Quite useful property... –  viraptor Aug 6 '09 at 1:20
Yes, very useful. There is one other thing that is very useful with this way of generating a reference; you get the nodename in there which is very useful if you want to first ensure that the id is always unique (you can treat it as a local reference) and second to know from where the reference comes from. In our system (with n nodes in the cluster and shared datatables etc) we can easily find the logs and information we need about a job using this identifier only (Node + Time). –  Mazen Harake Aug 6 '09 at 7:37
It will fail if such file already exists. erlang:now() can't guarantee that the file doesn't exist. –  Wacław Borowiec Jul 27 '12 at 9:25

You can also use os:cmd("mktemp")

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Slightly uglier, but string:strip(os:cmd("mktemp"), right, $\n) can avoid that annoying invisible newline that will usually be returned at the end. –  zxq9 Apr 9 at 9:42

Or you could do


for a quick and easy unique indentifier. Unique for up to 2^82 calls which should be enough.for your purposes. I find this easier than formatting a timestamp with node name for use.

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Late answer: I just noticed the test_server module which has scratch directory support, worth a look


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