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I have such controller:

class StatsController < ApplicationController
  def users_in_system
    @users = User.all


  scope ":locale", locale: /#{I18n.available_locales.join("|")}/ do
    devise_for :users, :skip => [:registrations]                                          
    as :user do
      get 'users/edit' => 'devise/registrations#edit', :as => 'edit_user_registration'    
      put 'users' => 'devise/registrations#update', :as => 'user_registration'            
      get '/users/sign_out' => 'devise/sessions#destroy'                                  

    match '/users_list', :to => 'stats#users_in_system'
    match '/about', :to => 'pages#about'
    root :to => 'pages#home'

  match '*path', to: redirect("/#{I18n.default_locale}/%{path}"), constraints: lambda { |req| !req.path.starts_with? "/#{I18n.default_locale}/" }
  match '', to: redirect("/#{I18n.default_locale}")

Rake routes:

      new_user_session GET    /:locale/users/sign_in(.:format)       devise/sessions#new {:locale=>/en|ru/}
          user_session POST   /:locale/users/sign_in(.:format)       devise/sessions#create {:locale=>/en|ru/}
  destroy_user_session DELETE /:locale/users/sign_out(.:format)      devise/sessions#destroy {:locale=>/en|ru/}
         user_password POST   /:locale/users/password(.:format)      devise/passwords#create {:locale=>/en|ru/}
     new_user_password GET    /:locale/users/password/new(.:format)  devise/passwords#new {:locale=>/en|ru/}
    edit_user_password GET    /:locale/users/password/edit(.:format) devise/passwords#edit {:locale=>/en|ru/}
                       PUT    /:locale/users/password(.:format)      devise/passwords#update {:locale=>/en|ru/}
edit_user_registration GET    /:locale/users/edit(.:format)          devise/registrations#edit {:locale=>/en|ru/}
     user_registration PUT    /:locale/users(.:format)               devise/registrations#update {:locale=>/en|ru/}
        users_sign_out GET    /:locale/users/sign_out(.:format)      devise/sessions#destroy {:locale=>/en|ru/}
            users_list        /:locale/users_list(.:format)          stats#users_in_system {:locale=>/en|ru/}
                 about        /:locale/about(.:format)               pages#about {:locale=>/en|ru/}
                  root        /:locale(.:format)                     pages#home {:locale=>/en|ru/}
                              /*path(.:format)                       :controller#:action
                              /                                      :controller#:action

And i want to write test for controller. So i try that spec:

require 'spec_helper'

describe StatsController do

  before(:each){ @user = FactoryGirl.create( :user ) }

  describe "GET 'users_in_system'" do
    describe "for non-signed users" do
      it "should deny access" do
        get :users_in_system

And it fails:

1) StatsController GET 'users_in_system' for non-signed users should deny access
     Failure/Error: get :users_in_system
       No route matches {:controller=>"stats", :action=>"users_in_system"}
     # ./spec/controllers/stats_controller_spec.rb:11:in `block (4 levels) in <top (required)>'

In browser this page opens and everything works. How can rspec generate such error?!

UPD1: I suppose that, probably, i18n integration in routes breaks my tests.


My application.rb:

require File.expand_path('../boot', __FILE__)
require 'rails/all'

if defined?(Bundler)
  # If you precompile assets before deploying to production, use this line
  Bundler.require(*Rails.groups(:assets => %w(development test)))
  # If you want your assets lazily compiled in production, use this line
  # Bundler.require(:default, :assets, Rails.env)

module MyApp
  class Application < Rails::Application
    config.i18n.default_locale = :ru
    config.encoding = "utf-8"
    config.filter_parameters += [:password]
    config.active_support.escape_html_entities_in_json = true
    config.active_record.whitelist_attributes = true
    config.assets.enabled = true
    config.assets.version = '1.0'
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don't need login or something? –  apneadiving Aug 31 '12 at 19:31
@apneadiving No. User shouldn't login to see this page. –  ExiRe Aug 31 '12 at 19:38
I think @shioyama is correct with checking I18n.default_locale, and I would add that if you're planning on checking each of your locales in your specs (I do), then check this StackOverflow question for some ideas on i18nizing RSpec tests. My preferred way is this answer on the same question. –  Paul Fioravanti Sep 3 '12 at 2:41
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I suspect the problem is that I18n.default_locale is not being properly set in rspec, which breaks your routing.

The first thing I'd suggest is to see if I18n.default_locale is actually being set in your test.

A few questions to get started:

  • If you change get :users_in_system to get :users_in_system, :locale => :en does the test pass?
  • Try replacing I18n.default_locale in routes.rb by its explicit value, say :en, and see if that changes anything.
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