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Some tests make no sense to run, when i am not on the network, having access to shared resources. Running these tests offline will cause a failed test and an exception.

Is it possible for a given test to be set up in such a way that it runs only when some condition is met, for example, when there is network connectivity?

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Why not just wrap the test code with "if (iAmOnTheNetwork()) then perform test else return 'passed'"? –  Dan Pichelman Aug 31 '12 at 18:50
Right, of course this can be done. With this question i wonder if jUnit allows for such (or other) conditions to be tested natively? –  Jam Aug 31 '12 at 19:39

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This sounds like a job for assumptions.

@Test public void someTestThatNeedsNetworkConnectivity() {

    // ...
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