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I need to update an attribute in formBean which is part of ArrayList in the formBean when user checks or unchecks a checkBox.
The value of the attribute is by default set to "on" in the formBean before the page loads.
When user unchecks I am trying to make the value as "off".
I am able to see the value changed to "off" using firebug debugger, but in submit the value of the form object is remaining "on" always.

My JSP code is below. Please let me know if I am setting the value in a wrong way.

Struts application

Display Logic in JSP:

    <input type="checkbox"
           name="importedFiles[<c:out value='${stts.count - 1}'/>].importEnabled"
           id="importedFiles[<c:out value='${stts.count - 1}'/>].importEnabled"
           onClick="replicateCheckbothis, <c:out value='${stts.count - 1}'/> )"
           <c:if test="${importedFiles.importEnabled != null}">checked</c:if> />

We are trying to change the value of importEnabled which is part of arrayList importedFiles in maintainDownloadForm during submit via JS. Please find below the logic used:

function checkSelectedAndImport()
    var anyClicked = "none";

    for(var i = 0; i < <c:out value='${maintainDownloadForm.importedFileLength}' />; i++)
        var element = document.getElementById("importedFiles[" + i + "].importEnabled");

        if(element != null)
                anyClicked = "true";
                element.setAttribute('value', 'on'); alert('Selected--->'+element.getAttribute('value'));
                element.setAttribute('value', 'off');
                alert('Not Selected--->'+document.getElementById("importedFiles[" + i + "].importEnabled").value);


    if(anyClicked != "none")
        alert("No rows have been selected for import. Please select data to import. To cancel the import, click on cancel.");

In the above logic we are able to go into else loop when user unchecks and print the alert as expected but the same is not getting updated with the form attribute importEnabled as it is always remaining "on" as it was the case before the page loaded.

Please let me know if there is any problem with the coding logic and also a fix for the same as it would be very helpful.

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Unfortunately I think you can't. The solution I use is to keep an array of Strings (String[]) in the form and use javascript to add (orremove) some hidden inputs to the HTML DOM all with the ame of the Form string array. Those hidden inputs has a value that allows me to uniquely identify which chekboxes are selected by the user.

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