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I am trying to understand how the filter works and wrote a small html code as follows

<div id='btnContainer'>
    <input type="button" id='btnContinue' value='Continue'>
    <input type="button" id='btnCancel' value='Cancel'>


This results in a alert msg of 0 instead of the 1 I expect - jquery 1.44

Pointers please

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filter() filters out the elements that do not match its argument. id selectors are mutually exclusive by definition, so this usage of filter() will always return an empty set. Pointer. – Frédéric Hamidi Aug 31 '12 at 19:08
There are already good answers here explaining why it works as it does. I just wanted to point out that if you already have an id on an element (e.g., btnContinue), and you want to select it, then you should just use $('#btnContinue') to get it. Because no element can have the same id as another, the use of methods like .find() and .filter() are unnecessary when selecting elements by an id. – Stephen Booher Aug 31 '12 at 19:15

Read the manual:

Reduce the set of matched elements to those that match the selector or pass the function's test.

The matched elements for your selector $('#btnContainer') is the parent only, none of its children are included. If you want to filter the inputs, use:


Also, input elements are self-closing...

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It's returning 0 items because there are no items with the id btnContainer and btnContinue

filter will reduce the result set to only items that match the filter selector.

You probably want this: $('#btnContainer input').filter('#btnContinue').length

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The filter method reduces the matched set of elements by the selectors entered into the method. You have selected one item, the #btnContainer and then have attempted to filter this selection for elements with the id #btnContinue. In the set of elements you selected there are no elements with the id #btnContinue, there is only one element with the id #btnContainer, which is why you receive 0.

Proper use of the filter method would be to select multiple items, such as a bunch of divs with the same class name, and then to filter the divs you have selected using some other criteria.

This demo illustrates proper use of the filter method:

Checkout the JQuery Documentation for other examples:

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$('#btnContainer') matches a single element - your first, top-level div.

.filter() reduces the set of matched elements to only those that match the new secondary selector -- in this case #btnContinue. Since the top-level div does not match the id-selector #btnContinue, the new matched set is empty.

If you want your initial selector to match the element and all of it's children, do:

var matchedSet = $('#btnContainer').find('*').andSelf();

Then you can do:

alert( matchedSet.filter('#btnContinue').length ); // == 1

Demo of corrected code

See the jQuery docs for .filter() for more details.

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