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I am using jquery mobile with large amount of data. I am loading data using ajax the problem is after loading all data approx 600 records when I scroll up and click on search box(input type text) in header it takes too large time to respond. Please help me to fix the issue

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The normal way to approach this problem would be to try loading less data into the DOM at a time. Render fewer records (say 50) at a time, and add paging (or prev/next, more, etc.)

In jQuery Mobile, you could accomplish this by adding some buttons or links to the page that say prev/next etc., and in the event handler for the buttons, you can update your listview with a new set of records. You will have to call .listview('refresh') to restore the full styling and behavior to the listview.

I know it might not be ideal to only display a portion of your records, but considering the limited hardware performance of mobile devices, it might be necessary in order to get acceptable performance.

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Try any of these from my answer here

  1. send your records as enhanced markup = do what Jquery Mobile would do with your 500 records server-side (this will increase the amount of data you transfer!)

  2. use data-enhance=false (plus config) OR don't listview("refresh") to stop JQM from enhancing your already enhanced code

  3. manually gzip your ajax response server-side to reduce the filesize again

This way you prevent JQM from enhancing 500 list items and keep the filesize transferred to a minimum

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