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I currently have a field on a document of the posts collection which is a ReferenceOne to a collection of users. Querying on the shell db.posts.findOne({"usuario_stream.$id": ObjectId("5012d7674dfbad7f4e000084")}) works fine, but using the QueryBuilder it simply doesn't works.

$this->doctrine->createQueryBuilder('Documents\Posts')->field('usuario_stream.$id')->equals(new MongoId('5012d7674dfbad7f4e000084'))->eagerCursor(true)->getQuery()->execute(); on profiler shows { "$query" : { "usuario_stream.$id" : null }, "$orderby" : [ ] }.

I'm doing anything wrong?

Thank you very much, guys.

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It should work if you query on usuario_stream.$id using the ID as a string rather than an instance of MongoID:

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Actually, I find it is the opposite - in my code I use ->field('image.$id')->equals(new MongoId($image->getId())) and it works perfectly. –  leafnode Jun 22 '13 at 10:48

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