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I have two models Indicator belongs_to Privacy.

In indicator I wrote a method to return the proper name of the privacy setting

def privacy

That works in rails console. If I create an Indicator and then run Indicator.privacy I get back "red" or "green" or whatever. But I can't get my rspec to pass. Here is the test

describe "indicator" do
    it "should return a human named when asked for its privacy level" do
        @privacy = PrivacyTag.create(:content => "Secret")
        @ind = => 'test',
                             :privacy_tag_id =>
        @ind.privacy.should == "Secret"

When I run the test I get this message:


  1) indicator should return a human named when asked for its privacy level
     Failure/Error: @ind.privacy.should_equal "Secret"
       Couldn't find PrivacyTag without an ID
     # ./app/models/indicator.rb:13:in `privacy'
     # ./spec/models/indicator_model_spec.rb:9:in `block (2 levels) in <top (required)>'

What am I doing wrong in my test? Any ideas?

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I would suspect that the Privacy object isn't being created. Try calling create! instead of create. If it raises an exception, then that means that your Privacy model has some validations in it.

It would've been super helpful to have seen your models in the first place.

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Good call on the validation. That was exactly the problem. Sorry about not including the models. – Kevin Thompson Aug 31 '12 at 20:06

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