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I'm using an MPVolumeView to control the volume of the AVPlayer in my app. When I connect use the Airplay-button next to the volume slider to connect to an AppleTV, the slider disappears. How can this be avoided?

When I use the Music app to stream music to the same AppleTV the volume slider in the music app stays visible.

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The solution was to set allowsExternalPlayback to NO on the AVPlayer:

self.player = [AVPlayer playerWithURL:self.streamUrl];
self.player.allowsExternalPlayback = NO;
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I don't know why and I didn't believe your code until I try. Thanks so much –  VietHung Sep 3 '14 at 11:45

I had a similar situation. My fix was:

player.allowsAirPlayVideo = NO; // keeps volume slider from disappearing
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