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I am trying to do our build process via Hudson, ant and we use SVN repository.

Before copying files to workspace in Hudson from SVN repository, I want to check, if anybody has not checked-in the files that they checkout.

If somebody checked out, I want to stop the build process and send a message:

User1: Currently checked out File1, File2.

User13: Currently checked out File9.

Aborting the build process. Please check-in all files and restart process.

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This information is not available in code that is checked-out. However, you can use locks.

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Can I get list of Locks on files. User A locked files 1,23. User B locked files 6. Total 3 files locked. Also for this, I have to ask users to lock files before modifying. – user418836 Aug 31 '12 at 21:15
For a list of locks on objects in your repository, you can use svnadmin lslocks. And yes, this solution relies on your users remembering to lock files. – phasetwenty Sep 1 '12 at 0:24

I think you're talking about the detection of file locks in Subversion. Far as I know this feature is not supported by Hudson/Jenkins

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