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So I stashed some untracked files using

git stash --include-untracked

and then switched to another branch.

If I look at what changes are stashed:

backend/infinispan-rar/pom.xml                     |   12 ++++++++++--
backend/pom.xml                                    |   13 +++++++++++--
backend/test/pom.xml                               |    3 +--
.../main/resources/com/mojiva/testDbContext.xml    |    6 +++---
data/mojiva.xml                                    |    2 +-
dbmigration/pom.xml                                |   16 ++++++++++------
.../main/resources/db/changelogs/issue-17544.xml   |    4 ++--
pom.xml                                            |   11 +++++++++++

I then tried to retrieve those file using

git stash pop

and get this:

backend/activator/effective.pom already exists, no checkout
backend/adverter/src/test/java/com/mojiva/presenter/RequestParamReplacerTest.java already exists, no checkout
backend/dao/.cpath already exists, no checkout
backend/dao/.e0 already exists, no checkout
backend/dao/PutObjectStoreDirHere/defaultStore/Recovery/TransactionStatusManager/#22#/0_ffffc0a86465_cfd2_5016b5cb_1 already exists, no checkout
backend/dao/dep.tree already exists, no checkout
backend/feeds-test/.e0 already exists, no checkout
backend/feeds-test/dep.tree already exists, no checkout
data/wurfl-patch.xml already exists, no checkout
run/linksDB.log already exists, no checkout
run/linksDB.properties already exists, no checkout
run/linksDB.script already exists, no checkout
Could not restore untracked files from stash

Notice that none of the files are the same?

What is going on here?


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You should be ignoring logs and other files that are not source code. Either way, you can add --force to overwrite them.

What's happening in your case is that the files you stashed, when popped, will try to overwrite files that you already have in the working folder. In case you have important work there, git will play it safe and not overwrite them blindly.

Best advice is to clean up your setup:

  1. Add files that are not source code (like log files) to your .gitignore file.
  2. Config files should have connection strings abstracted so they don't change every time you switch branches or environments (use the repo on a different machine). See smudge/clean scripts in the git attributes chapter in progit.org/book.

If you're new, keep the #git IRC channel open at webchat.freenode.net :)

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