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Okay so I need to make a search that is set up something like:

From: (Search Field) To: (Search Field)

and it only needs to show the dates equal to or in-between those fields. How would I do this?

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This is written in Rails guides, para 2.2.1:

Client.where("created_at >= :start_date AND created_at <= :end_date", {:start_date => params[:start_date], :end_date => params[:end_date]})
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what would I need to put in my view for this action. It needs to be like a dropdown calendar? –  user1579627 Aug 31 '12 at 20:18
also I got this error undefined local variable or method `params' for #<Class:0x249d35dc> –  user1579627 Aug 31 '12 at 20:25
Replace the params with your actual field names –  apneadiving Aug 31 '12 at 20:28

You can write condition like below,

User.where("created_at >= ? and end_date <= ?",from_date, end_date),where
from_date,end_date --> are your required from_date and end_date stored in variables

Hope it helps!!

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You can use range for this kind of search. For example:

User.where(registred_at: from_field..to_field)

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First set your params in form_tag search

= form_tag foo_path(@foo), :method => :get do
  = text_field_tag :start_date, params[:start_date]
  = text_field_tag :end_date, params[:end_date]
  = submit_tag "Search", :class => "btn btn-primary"

and a most important is setting your definition your params in controller, if your search are in index than

def index
  @foos = Foo.all
  if params[:start_date].present?
    start_date = Date.parse(params[:start_date])
    @foos = @foos.where("foo.foo_date >= ?", start_date)
  if params[:end_date].present?
    start_date = Date.parse(params[:end_date])
    @foos = @foos.where("foo.foo_date >= ?", end_date)
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