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I was thinking how would one implement stackoverflow using redis. The hardest part with this is how i should do comments and have it in a way i don't loop to get each comments upvotes. I decided to modify the binary chunk. UVComment is kind of complex.

Everytime i was thinking of using hashes i ended up using sets or list. I'm pretty new to redis so i won't be surprised if i make a mistake. Is this well designed?

 CreatePost/Question (same thing except a flag is set and tags are empty in answers

postId=incr postCount
rpush p:postId bin[IsQuestion,authorId,title,body,tags,datetimestamp]
foreach tag in tags
    sadd tags:tag postId


WATCH p:postId  //dont want a new revision in the meantime
old=lrange p:postId -1 -1 //current but now old
rpush p:postId bin[IsQuestion,authorId,title,body,tags,datetimestamp] //new revision
foreach tag in old.tags
    srem tags:tag postId
foreach tag in tags
    sadd tags:tag postId

 Upvote/Downvote Post

sadd pUV:postId user
srem pDV:postId user
sadd pDV:postId user
srem pUV:postId user
//undo up/down
srem pUV:postId user
srem pDV:postId user


commentId=incr commentCount
SET comment_post:commentId postId //for later use when we flag comments. We'll need to know where in the db it is
RPUSH post_comment:postId bin[authorId,text,HasBeenEdited,datetimestamp,commentId, UVCount]


watch commentUV:commentId
res=SISMEMBER commentUV:commentId userId
if res>0 //already upvoted
watch post_comment:postId
lrange post_comment:postId 0 -1 //then we find which index matches our commentId
//modify UVCount
lset post_comment:postId targetIndex modifiedData
sadd commentUV:commentId userId


lrange p:postId -1 -1 //current revision
scard pUV:postId
scard pDV:postId
comments=lrange post_comment:postId 0 -1 //get all comments
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@SripathiKrishnan: wow completely different then what i wrote and very meant to be a quick show-what-it-can-do then real example. There isn't a single read/write in there. I never thought about questions by upvotes thats pretty cool. Although its not useful to me bc it shouldnt show any flaw in my example which is meant to be more like a real (but simple) implementation. – acidzombie24 Sep 1 '12 at 9:23
The issue here is that you would not want to implement SO in Redis. I'm not saying this isn't a good exercise for learning or showing the power of Redis, but contrary to what Sripathi says, a website like this should not live in memory. Memory is much more scarce and more expensive than disk space, sure it will work at first, but you would have to start horizontally scaling much more quickly. It is simply not a cost effective option. @SripathiKrishnan, I am curious to hear your argument for why this is a good idea. I would love to be proven wrong. – Andrew Guenther Oct 3 '12 at 16:23
@AndrewGuenther No, I won't defend keeping all of stackoverflow in memory ;) In the answer I linked, I wanted to demonstrate the capabilities of Redis. And I believe this question was asked more as an exercise in theory, and so I simply linked the two. – Sripathi Krishnan Oct 3 '12 at 17:55
Awesome, I was a bit scared for a second. But I totally agree, this is a great example of how powerful Redis can be. – Andrew Guenther Oct 3 '12 at 20:11

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