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My team used the Team Estimation Game to do original Story Point estimates, and we do mid-Sprint Planning Poker for new Stories being added to the backlog. At the beginning of Sprint Planning we review the stories in the backlog and do a mini-Team Estimation Game to make sure they're all pointed correctly.

So far, this has worked well for us. However, the team is working a Story now that they feel is more complex than they originally expected due to some technical difficulties that they did not foresee and do not have the established knowledge to deal with quickly.

My question is this: Do I have them change the Story Points mid-Sprint, or do we just discuss the challenges in the Review and Retro and use those learnings to prevent a similar situation in the future?

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This might do better on programmers.stackexchange.com and is likely to be closed here. My short answer is the team should decide what works best. – Don Roby Aug 31 '12 at 21:24
This would be a great question for The Workplace - workplace.stackexchange.com but votes to close can't pick beta sites I guess. – Michael Durrant Sep 1 '12 at 10:11
Actually - pm.stackexchange.com would be the place for this one. (pm as in project management) – Jody Sep 2 '12 at 23:28
Shifting these kind of questions out of stackoverflow is wrong. It shows a fundamental lack of understanding of the work of a developer. – Stephan Eggermont Oct 21 '12 at 21:35

In similar situation, my reaction would depend on how much this big story is big, or not.

1) It is a really big one

Let suppose this big story was expected to count for 10% of the iteration, and appears to count for 80% or more. This means the team just discovered a big issue which was not expected at all. This is a non common situation which should not occur often (maybe one or two times during the year).

I would then suggest to split immediatly (during iteration) into smaller pieces (discussing with client or product owner), and try to handle a first piece during the iteration.

2) It is not that big

Imagine the story is about 15 or 20% of the iteration, instead of 10%. This is a very common and normal situation that all teams encounter during every project.

I would suggest to not change the estimation. The team do the best to finnish, and ajust the observed velocity accordingly. As you suggest, discussing the issue during Review and Retro is a good idea.

Hope this help.

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