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This question is an spin-off of http://stackoverflow.com/questions/12221830/jquery-how-to-equate-scrollleft-to-percentage-scrolled-on-a-dom-element, which was voluntarily removed by its author, but I think it can be useful.

So, if we have...

<div id="container" style="overflow-x:scroll; max-width:1000px;">
  <div id="contained" style="width:3000px;"></div>

    var scrollPercentage; //How to get scroll percentage?

...how can we get the scroll percentage?

So, if the scrollbar is completely at the left we want to get 0, and if it's completely at the right we want to get 100.

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var scrollPercentage = 100 * this.scrollLeft / (this.scrollWidth-this.clientWidth); 


Or, if you really must use jQuery:

scrollPercentage = 100 * $(this).scrollLeft() / ($('#contained').width() - $(this).width());


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See it here: http://jsfiddle.net/vWDfb/1/

    var scrollPercentage = 100*this.scrollLeft/this.scrollWidth/(1-this.clientWidth/this.scrollWidth);

It can be useful to round that number to, for example, two decimals. Then, use


Edit: Better use

var scrollPercentage = 100 * this.scrollLeft / (this.scrollWidth-this.clientWidth); 

as @Blazemonger pointed out.

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