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Currently we use TortoiseSVN and VisualSVN as our source control. I have altered the pre-commit hook successfully to block unwanted files etc being committed to the repository. But what I want to achieve now is a check-list that will act as aide memoir before committing.

Is this possible? If so what is required to be done I can't see how it will work with the pre-commit hook as I would want the check-list displayed when they hit commit on the context menu to bring up all the changed files and the log message?

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I think TortoiseSVN Hook Scripts are the way to go here but has anyone any guidance in how best to achieve this as it means everyone updating their own client machines? –  Dean Aug 3 '09 at 13:16

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Yip TortoiseSVN Client hooks were the way to go

I grabbed the StartCommit.js file from the SVN repository and then tailored it to output what I wanted.

Then I simply created a hook calling WScript \StartCommit.js

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Have you seen this pre-commit hook example? Some variant of it was used in a shop I used to work at and prevented a lot of common mistakes.

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