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i am working on project using play 2 framework with java. I want to populate a drop down list from a database table. I have this code that gets a list of the items from the database. the code snippet is shown below.

public static Result gestureNames()
  List <GestureClassEntity> gcet = GestureClassEntity.find.all();
  return ok(render(gcet)); 

however when i run this code play framework tells me that it cannot find render.

i have tried to modify the code which i have shown below

public static void gestureNames()
  List <GestureClassEntity> gcet = GestureClassEntity.find.all();

play tells me again that it cannot use a method returning Unit as an Handler

still struggling to understand the play framework can some kindly help me out. Cos i am working on a project and time is running out.

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Remember previous question?

render() is method of the view, so to use it, you need to specify the view

public static Result gestureNames(){
    List <GestureClassEntity> gcet = GestureClassEntity.find.all();
    return ok(views.html.gestures.render(gcet));    


@(gesturesListFromMyController: List[GestureClassEntity])

@for(gesture <- gesturesListFromMyController){
    <div class="gesture-item">

BTW: try to simplify your enigmatic models' names, your life will be better. Can't be GestureClassEntity named just as Gesture ???

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thank you very much will try and get back to u. stay blessed. – faisal abdulai Aug 31 '12 at 23:52

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