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I am using a sprite image. And each icon on sprite has same but different color for hover effect. Well when i mouseover on the icon, hover effect is working. But i would like to get that hover (change image) on div mouseover instead of the span. (since span width specified as icon size, i couldn't find a solution on that)

If you please check below css and html, you'll understand what i need. I want the "search_forums" (span) icon to change on "each_option" div mouseover.

Thanks in advance


border-bottom:1px solid #ffe869;


.search_forums{height:24px;width:24px;background-position:-24px -48px;}

.search_forums:hover{height:24px;width:24px;background-position:-24px -72px;}


<div class="each_option">
<span class="forumdisplay_sprite search_forums"></span>
<a href="#">Search Forums</a>

SPRITE ICONS Sprite icons image

Sorry for not being clear enough. My original/previous style was like on below given page. Then after reading an article about better css and optimizing, i decided to use sprite images. But i have this problem...

Here is what i would like to do :

Is it possible to get the hover (change wrapper div's background color and inner div's background image same time) effect like on above example ? If not, then i'll have to stop using the sprite images or hover effect...

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This is what you're after right?

Unsure why the image you supplied does not render so found another sprite.

Why do you want a span above the anchor? To me that didn't make sense.

If you want a on div hover effect the CSS should be in your case:

.each-option:hover {
Your styling here


Ensure that if you are setting a hover state for divs, spans, paragraphs etc that you change the cursor to pointer: cursor: pointer; so that users know that the area / region is clickable.

Hope this helps!

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.each_option:hover .search_forums{//enter your hover changes here.}

Not 100% sure if I've understood what you're after - but the code above should do the trick if you're looking to change the search_forums styling when each_option is hovered.

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