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Due to a layout issue I am trying to utilise the .flex-caption outside of the flexslider itself.

Can you think of a way I can achieve this?

Ideally the markup would be structured like this:

<div class="flexslider gallery">
<ul class="slides">
<li><img src="image.jpg"  /></li>

<p class="flex-caption">Caption</p>
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Just had the same issue and found a link that helped me solve the issue. Also this is assuming you are looking for the caption to change with the slider navigation.


Basically it involves creating two separate flexsliders and linking them together with navigation controls using this option on the caption slider:

start: function(slider){

            $('.flex-direction-nav li a').click(function(event){
              var dir = $(this).text().toLowerCase();

FYI though, the functionality doesn't seem to work on mobile. Looking into that further.

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This solves it without the need for an additional slider: jsfiddle.net/3Hq7Q/1 –  Niall Thompson Dec 21 '12 at 0:53

This solved it without the need for an additional slider:

$captions = $('.captions');

    animation: "fade",
    controlNav: true,
    directionNav: false,
    slideshow: false,
    prevText: "Previous",
    nextText: "Next",
    useCSS: true,
    touch: true,
    start: function() {
        $activecaption = $('.flex-active-slide .flex-caption');
    after: function() {
        $activecaption = $('.flex-active-slide .flex-caption');

See example here. ​

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Does anyone know how to apply formatting and styles to the captions element? Specifically I would like to add additional divs so that I can have a line break. But this doesn't seem to work. –  MGDTech Mar 18 '13 at 15:37

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