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Is there a way to alter the localization strings after iOS reads them from Localizable.strings, and still maintain the ability use NSLocalizedStringWithDefaultValue(key, table, bundle, value, comment)? In other words, is it possible to programmatically alter localized strings, say, after receiving an updated set of strings from a server?

This question assumes that Localizable.strings can't be modified because that would require modifying the main NSBundle, which is not allowed after an app is installed.

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One way would be to create a new bundle containing your desired strings file and use that bundle instead of [NSBundle mainBundle] in NSLocalizedStringWithDefaultValue(...).

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Redefine your NSLocalizedString macros to whatever you want:

#undef  NSLocalizedString
#define NSLocalizedString(key, comment) \
[MyLocalizationManager localizedStringForKey:key]
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